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Harry Allen Fawcett

Professional Overview

About Harry Allen Fawcett

Harry Allen Fawcett is a playwright, actor, author, and teacher based in New Jersey. His career has been as illustrious as it has been fascinating, enabling him to meet new actors, star in amazing plays, and even create a few of his own.

To begin his professional performance career, Harry Allen Fawcett dove into the world of summer stock musicals. He did so at a young age, being only sixteen years old at the time. This led Allen to many different acting opportunities. Since then, Allen has acted in thirty-five national commercials and several Broadway musicals – his most famous being “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” However, this is far from the complete list of Allen’s works. He was in two soaps; “The Edge of Night” and “General Hospital.” In the latter, he landed a role as a series regular. Allen also acted in two CBS made-for-tv movies. Allen is possibly best known for his time on “Puttin’ on the Hits.” Dick Clark and MCA created this 1984 show, a hit lip-synching show. Allen helped to write and host the show for four years. All things said and done, Allen was involved with all one hundred and thirty-four episodes.

In 1986, Harry Allen Fawcett decided to focus on a career off-screen. Yet he wanted to stay within the creative world. As such, Allen co-authored a book published by Warner Books – “Kid Biz: How to Help Your Child Succeed In Show Business.” His book was in conjunction with the Actors’ Equity Association (Kid Biz) and became well-known and appreciated for the responsible take on the subject. Working alongside Allen on this project as co-author was Nancy Carson.

After this time, Harry Allen Fawcett moved toward becoming an acting coach. In 1991, a group of networks (Amblin Entertainment, Universal Studios, and Fox Network) brought Allen on as one of their on-set acting coaches. Allen worked hard behind the scenes on several of their series. This eventually led Allen to open his own sound stage in Studio City, where he focused on creating quality reels for aspiring actors. One of his highlights during this time would be making a half-hour pilot known as “Office Hours.” Another highlight from this time includes providing creative services for Steven Spielberg as a comedy consultant and dialogue coach for “Harry and the Hendersons.”

More recently, Harry Allen Fawcett has been focusing again on his writing. As a playwright, Allen has written several renowned plays, including “Madam of the Atom” and “Ona Judge: A Spiritual Awakening.” The form was one of eight New York Music Festival 2020 finalists. However, this focus does not mean that Harry Allen Fawcett’s acting career is in the past. Allen recently appeared in several shows. These shows include “House of Cards,” “Mare of Easttown,” “FBI: Most Wanted,” and “Succession.”

Like many in the industry, Harry Allen Fawcett made time to pursue an education. He graduated from The American University. Allen later became an instructor at this same university- while obtaining his master’s degree in American History.

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